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FIXTURES: National League 2011

NFL Round 1

Sat Feb 5th: Division 1: Armagh v Dublin; Division 2, Laois v Meath, Donegal v Sligo

Sunday Feb 6 (2.30): 
Div 1: Kerry v Cork, Monaghan v Galway, Mayo v Down.

Div 2: Antrim v Kildare, Derry v Tyrone.

Div 3: Offaly v Cavan, Wexford v Waterford, Louth v Westmeath, Tipperary v Limerick.

Div 4: London v Kilkenny, Leitrim v Clare, Longford v Roscommon, Carlow v Wicklow, Fermanagh Bye.

NHL Div 1 (Rd 1): Sat Feb 12th: Tipperary v Kilkenny, 7.30pm

Sun Feb 13th (2.30): Div 1: Galway v Wexford, Cork v Offaly, Waterford v Dublin.

Div 2 (Rd 1): Westmeath v Laois, Down v Carlow, Kerry v Antrim, Clare v Limerick.

NFL Div 4 (Rd 2): London v Roscommon, Clare v Kilkenny, Leitrim v Wicklow, Carlow v Fermanagh, Longford Bye.

NHL Div 3A (Rd 1) (2.30): Wicklow v Kildare, Derry v Armagh, London v Meath.

NHL Div 3B (Rd 1) (2.30): Fingal v Monaghan, Louth v Sligo, Mayo v Roscommon, Donegal Bye.
NHL Div 4 (Rd 1) (2.30): Longford v South Down, Cavan v Fermanagh, Tyrone V Leitrim

Sat Feb 19: NFL Div 1 (Rd 2) (7.30): Dublin v Cork.
NFL Div 2 (Rd 2) (7.30): Tyrone v Donegal.

NFL Div 4 (Rd 3) (7.30): Fermanagh v Longford.
NHL Div 1 (Rd 2) (5.45): Dublin v Tipperary.

Sun 20 Feb: NFL Div 1 (Rd 2) (2.30): Mayo v Kerry, Down v Galway, Armagh v Monaghan

NFL Div 2 (Rd 2) (2.30): Kildare v Derry, Meath v Sligo, Laois v Antrim

NFL Div 3 (Rd 2) (2.30): Waterford v Limerick, Westmeath v Cavan, Offaly v Wexford, Louth v Tipperary

NFL Div 4 (Rd 3) (2.30): Kilkenny v Leitrim, Roscommon v Carlow, Wicklow v London
Clare Bye

NHL Div 1 (Rd 2) (2.30) Offaly v Galway, Kilkenny v Cork, Wexford v Waterford

NHL 2 (Rd 2) (2.30) Laois v Carlow, Antrim v Clare, Kerry v Down, Limerick v Westmeath

NHL Div 3A (Rd 2) (2.30): Meath v Wicklow, Armagh v London, Kildare v Derry

NHL Div 3B (Rd 2) (2.30): Donegal v Roscommon, Louth v Monaghan, Mayo v Fingal.
Sligo Bye

NHL Div 4 (Rd 2) (2.30): South Down v Tyrone, Leitrim v Cavan, Fermanagh v Longford.

Sat 26 Feb: NFL Div 1 (Rd 3) (7.30): Down v Armagh, Dublin v Kerry.

NFL Div 2 (Rd 3) (7.30): Antrim v Meath

NFL Div 3 (Rd 3) (7.30): Limerick v Offaly

Sun 27 Feb: 
NFL Div 1 (Rd 3) (2.30): Cork v Monaghan, Galway v Mayo.

NFL 2 (Rd 3) (2.30): Sligo v Tyrone, Donegal v Kildare, Derry v Laois

NFL Div 3 (Rd 3) (2.30): Wexford v Louth, Cavan v Waterford, Tipperary v Westmeath

NFL Div 4 (Rd 4) (2.30): Fermanagh v Wicklow, London v Leitrim, Longford v Kilkenny, Carlow v Clare
Roscommon Bye

Sat 5 March: NHL Div 1 (Rd 3): Tipperary v Waterford

Sun 6 March: NHL 1 (Rd 3) (2.30): Cork v Galway, Offaly v Dublin, Kilkenny v Wexford

NHL Div 2 (Rd 3) (2.30): Laois v Antrim, Westmeath v Clare, Down v Limerick, Carlow v Kerry

NHL Div 3A (Rd 3) (2.30): Armagh v Kildare, Derry v Meath, London v Wicklow

NHL Div 3B (Rd 3) (2.30): Monaghan v Donegal, Fingal v Louth, Roscommon v Sligo
Mayo Bye

NHL Div 4 (Rd 3) (2.30): Cavan v Tyrone, Leitrim v Longford, Fermanagh v South Down

Sat 12 March: NFL 1 (Rd 4) (7.30): Kerry v Galway

NFL Div 2 (Rd 4) (7.30): Tyrone v Antrim

NHL Div 2 (Rd 4) (7.30): Limerick v Laois

Sun 13 March: 
NFL Div 1 (Rd 4) (2.30): Mayo v Armagh, Cork v Down, Monaghan v Dublin.

NFL Div 2 (Rd 4) (2.30): Meath v Donegal, Kildare v Laois, Sligo v Derry.

NFL Div 3 (Rd 4) (2.30): Louth v Offaly, Waterford v Tipperary, Limerick v Cavan, Westmeath v Wexford

NFL Div 4 (Rd 5) (2.30): Wicklow v Longford, Roscommon v Fermanagh, Kilkenny v Carlow, Clare v London
Leitrim Bye

NHL Div 1 (Rd 4) (2.30): Galway v Kilkenny, Tipperary v Offaly, Waterford v Cork, Wexford v Dublin

NHL Div 2 (Rd 4) (2.30): Antrim v Carlow, Kerry v Westmeath, Clare v Down

NHL Div 3A (Rd 4) (2.30): Wicklow v Derry, Meath v Armagh, Kildare v London

NHL Div 3B (Rd 4) (2.30): Donegal v Fingal, Sligo v Monaghan, Louth v Mayo
Roscommon Bye

NHL Div 4 (Rd 4) (2.30): South Down v Leitrim, Longford v Cavan, Tyrone v Fermanagh.

Sat March 19: 
NFL Div 1 (Rd 5) (7.30): Down v Monaghan

NFL Div 2 (Rd 5) (7.30): Derry v Donegal, Laois v Tyrone

Sunday March 20
NFL Div 1 (Rd 5) (2.30): Galway v Cork, Armagh v Kerry, Dublin v Mayo

NFL Div 2 (Rd 5) (2.30): Kildare v Meath, Antrim v Sligo

NFL Div 3 (Rd 5) (2.30): Louth v Limerick, Westmeath v Waterford, Offaly v Tipperary, Wexford v Cavan

NFL Div 4 (Rd 6) (2.30): Clare v Roscommon, Leitrim v Fermanagh, London v Longford, Kilkenny v Wicklow
Carlow Bye

Sunday March 27
NFL Div 4 (Rd 7) (2.30): Wicklow v Roscommon, Leitrim v Carlow, Clare v Longford, Kilkenny v Fermanagh
London Bye

NHL Div 1 (Rd 5) (2.30): Cork v Tipperary, Dublin v Galway, Offaly v Wexford, Kilkenny v Waterford

NHL Div 2 (Rd 5) (2.30): Westmeath v Antrim, Down v Laois, Carlow v Limerick, Clare v Kerry

NHL Div 3A (Rd 5) (2.30): Derry v London, Armagh v Wicklow, Kildare v Meath

NHL Div 3B (Rd 5) 2:30: Monaghan v Roscommon, Fingal v Sligo, Mayo v Donegal
Louth Bye

NHL Div 4 (Rd 5) 2.30: Leitrim v Fermanagh, Cavan v South Down, Tyrone v Longford

Saturday April 2
NFL Div 1 (Rd 6) 7.30: Dublin v Down

NFL Div 3 (Rd 6) (7.30): Cavan v Louth

NHL Div 2 (Rd 6) (7.30): Laois v Clare

Sunday April 3
NFL Div 1 (Rd 6) (2.30): Monaghan v Kerry, Mayo v Cork, Armagh v Galway

NFL Div 2 (Rd 6) (2.30): Donegal v Antrim, Tyrone v Kildare, Derry v Meath, Sligo v Laois

NFL Div 3 (Rd 6) (2.30): Limerick v Westmeath, Waterford v Offaly, Tipperary v Wexford

NFL Div 4 (Rd 8) (2.30): Longford v Leitrim, Roscommon v Kilkenny, Carlow v London, Fermanagh v Clare
Wicklow Bye

NHL Div 1 (Rd 6) (2.30): Galway v Tipperary, Offaly v Waterford, Wexford v Cork, Dublin v Kilkenny

NHL Div 2 (Rd 6)(2.30): Down v Antrim, Carlow v Westmeath, Limerick v Kerry
NHL Div 3B (Rd 6) (2.30): Donegal v Louth, Sligo v Mayo, Roscommon v Fingal
Monaghan Bye

Sunday April 10
NFL Div 1 (Rd 7) (2.30): Monaghan v Mayo, Kerry v Down, Galway v Dublin, Cork v Armagh

NFL Div 2 (Rd 7) (2.30): Antrim v Derry, Laois v Donegal, Kildare v Sligo, Meath v Tyrone

NFL Div 3 (Rd 7) (2.30): Westmeath v Offaly, Waterford v Louth, Limerick v Wexford, Cavan v Tipperary

NFL Div 4 (Rd 9) (2.30): Roscommon v Leitrim, Wicklow v Clare, Longford v Carlow, Fermanagh v London
Kilkenny Bye

NHL Div 3B (Rd 7) (2.30): Monaghan v Mayo, Sligo v Donegal, Roscommon v Louth
Fingal Bye
Sunday April 17
NHL Div 1, (Rd 7) (2.30): Cork v Dublin, Tipperary v Wexford, Waterford v Galway, Kilkenny v Offaly

NHL Div 2 (Rd 7) (2.30): Westmeath v Down, Antrim v Limerick, Kerry v Laois, Clare v Carlow.

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