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Tir Chonaill Gaels Junior Squad Player Profiles

Below is the TCG squad for Saturday. Also please note that Michael Cunningham (Donegal) is the assistant manager and Brian Corry (West-Meath) is the manager.

1  JAMES FLYNN                      Accountant (turf)

2 CORMAC Mc GARVEY      Student

3 PHILIP BUTLER                    Student

4 PATRICK FLYNN                 Surveyor

5 GERARD GEREGHTY         Student

6 TOMMY MORIERETY      Builder

7 OLLIE HAYES                       Student

8 NOEL BURKE                      Elictrition

9 RYAN KEARNEY                   Student               

10 BRENDAN SCANELL        Student

11 RYAN FORTUNE              Engineer

12 PAUL TYRELL                      Chef (Hells kitchen)

13 CLIVE MILLS                       Leaflet distributer (real estate)                    

14 KEVIN Mc FADDEN         Plumber

15 LIAM MULLEN                  Carpenter



16 LIAM CUNNINGHAM          Student       

17 FRANKIE KENNY                    EBay Trader

18 STEFAN CARR                        Student

19 JOHN FLYNN                         Student                        

20 MARK WOODS                     Student     

21 DONAL GERETHY                Student

22 RYAN ELLIOTT                       Student

23 JACK ELLIOTT                        Student

24 SEAN BUTLER                      Student

25 KIERAN CUNNINGHAM  Mechanical Technician Apprentice

26 RORY JEMMINGS              Student

New Players

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