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Exclusive: The big interview - Gary McGee

1st up on the big interview is Gary McGee who hails from the Rostrevor, Co Down and is with the club 3 years.

What’s on your iPod?
Hozier at the minute

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Secretly I really want Brian Ross’ receding hair line

What are your hobbies and interests outside the GAA?
Benching 200kgs…

What’s your favourite TV programme?
Arrested Development

Who’s your sporting idol?
Bill Belichick 

Do you have any unusual pre-match routines or superstitions?
Wear a pair of lucky socks under the team socks and take a couple of pro-plus 

What’s your earliest GAA memory?
Down beating Meath in 1991 All-Ireland Final 

What’s your favourite venue?
Petit Park, Rostrevor

If forced to play for another county, who would you choose?
Dublin – Downsey says the ‘Moths’ flock to ye

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
You have to play to win but you also have to win to play

If you could choose one footballer from another team to play with tcg  who would it be?
Tomas Gribben – technically not with another club but we just want him back. 

Who is the most difficult opponent you have ever encountered?
I block out all roasting’s I get so as far as I know I never had a difficult opponent

Who is your all-time favourite GAA player/childhood hero?
Seamus Moynihan

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
Anthony McConville / Kieran Mooney (Rostrevor)

What does this Club mean to you?
It’s the London Family

Who is the best player on the tcg team?
Philly Butler plays the ladies well

Who is the most committed Club person at tcg?
Too many committed gaels to name just one

Who is your most confident team-mate?
Brian Collins – never lets a bad kick pass deter him from hitting another bad one

Who is the worst dressed in the panel?
Brian Ross, no one else even close.

Who is the worst trainer in the tcg panel?
Stocker/Maurice – they never train, only strip out for big Reserve games for the headlines

Who is the biggest joker?
Benny O’Reilly

If tcg were to start a boy band who would be in it?
Stocker, Maurice, Tom Mohan and Keano 

Definitely not in it?
Brian Duddy – only a select few can understand him

Which player on the tcg team always seems to be on the injured list? 
Barry ‘Grade 1 tear’ Mitchell 

Who fancies themselves as the best looking on the team?
Brian Ross 

If you could make up an award for any player on team, what would it be? and who would get it?
Never bring their own Shower Gel award – John McGrath 
The peak in January award – Barry Mitchell

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