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The big interview - Benny O'Reilly

This week's big interview is Benny O'Reilly from the Calry St Josephs club in Sligo.

Benny “Narcissus” O’Reilly takes time out from the mirror to let us in on a few secrets.

What’s on your iPod?
Ed sheeran, Sam smith, one direction,westlife, nirvana,guns n roses,the dubliners, quite an eclectic mix

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Be a bit more greedy on the ball

What are your hobbies and interests outside the GAA?
Soccer, any kind of sports really and the game of drinking

What’s your favourite TV programme?
Anything with Keith lemon, 8 out of ten cats does countdown is up there too

Who’s your sporting idol?
Probably jim mc Guinness, for what hes achieved with donegal

Do you have any unusual pre-match routines or superstitions? 
Bit of ocd when it comes to that I'm afraid, to name one-gotta have my lucky pants

What’s your earliest GAA memory?
Going to u-12 club games back home when I was about 7 and toggin out, used to follow the manager around for the whole game till he put me on

What’s your favourite venue?
At home- marcievicz park ,london-ruislip

If forced to play for another county, who would you choose?

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Have no regrets!! Or to a lesser extent, carpe diem,, I can remember some clown on about that this year(Marty)

If you could choose one footballer from another team to play with tcg  who would it be?
Diarmuid Connelly, hes a scoring machine

Who is the most difficult opponent you have ever encountered?
Ross donnavan,sligo

Who is your all-time favourite GAA player/childhood hero?
Tony boyle

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
My parents by a country mile

What does this Club mean to you?
An awful lot, its more like a family than a club

Who is the best player on the tcg team?
Take your pick!! Not gonna name one or the lads will get jealous!! Not Collins tho, the lad has two bent feet!!!!

Who is the most committed Club person at tcg.
Maurice carr,, I think he gets his post delivered there

Who is your most confident team-mate?
Kav, he never gives up and is always drivin us on,always thinks wel win

Who is the worst dressed in the panel?
Brian "skinny tracksuit" ross or else Brian "the hobo" collins

Who is the worst trainer in the tcg panel?
Barry Mitchell, sure the lads always injured god bless him

Who is the biggest joker?
Collins definately, Adams not far behind 

If tcg were to start a boy and who would be in it? 
Me leading obviously, downsey, marty(the gay one) Gary mcgee, gaz would attract the Americans because he tries to dress like one,, john mc grath too, there's always one who goes off the rails,

Definitely not in it?
Rossi, kav, mc Conville. Wouldn't be their scene in afraid

Which player on the tcg team always seems to be on the injured list? 
Barry Mitchell,, hes runnin out of things to injure at this stage

Who fancies themselves as the best looking on the team?
Gaz mc gee, spends an eternity staring in the mirror after the shower

If you could make up an award for any player on team, what would it be? and who would get it?
Eamon mc Conville!! Biggest thief of the year award

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