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The big interview - Aidan Downes

Aidan Downes, takes center stage this week on the Big Interview with a few put downs and another pop at poor Rossy.

What’s on your iPod?
Don’t have one, although I am fond of a bit of Celine Dion

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Become allergic to alcohol

What are your hobbies and interests outside the GAA?
Don’t understand the question

What’s your favourite TV programme?
Breaking bad, Graham Norton show, WWE

Who’s your sporting idol?
Rory Woods – overcame weight issues to become a prominent forward for Monaghan

Do you have any unusual pre-match routines or superstitions? 
Try not to sit beside Rossy, he makes me uncomfortable

What’s your earliest GAA memory?
Clare 95, come on the banner

What’s your favourite venue?
Croker, nothing like it

If forced to play for another county, who would you choose?
Clare, dads from there

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
You’ve the rest of your life to get hammered. Probably should have listened to that

If you could choose one footballer from another team to play with tcg  who would it be?
Colm o Neill – Cork…. Pure quality

Who is the most difficult opponent you have ever encountered?
Alan Brogan

Who is your all-time favourite GAA player/childhood hero?
Colin Lynch – Clare in hurling and Seamas Moynahon - Kerry

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
My parents

What does this Club mean to you?
Love it, keeps the home sickness at bay

Who is the best player on the tcg team?
My protégé - Butler

Who is the most committed Club person at tcg.
Stocker, Maurive, Mick Cunningham, Tom and Keano, fortunate to have loads of great clubmen

Who is your most confident team-mate?
Gotsche – so confident he doesn’t feel the need to track back

Who is the worst dressed in the panel?
To echo the previous surveyors and everyone who has ever met him, Brian Ross is the worst dressed person to ever walk the face of the earth. Hate to see what he’d wear if he was around in the Renaissance

Who is the worst trainer in the tcg panel?
Gary Mcgee is a contender. He’s got his watch set to New York time

Who is the biggest joker?
Mossy Cribben never lets a comment go without getting a sneer at it

If tcg were to start a boy band who would be in it? 
Obviously Marty(the gay one), myself (the creative one), Gaz Mcgee (the one who no-one can understand), Benny (the ageing rockstar) and of course Mitchel (the injured one)

Definitely not in it?
Mick Mullins is a bit raw for it and Rossy just didn’t fit the looks quota

Which player on the tcg team always seems to be on the injured list? 
I wanna say Mitchel but I have to be a contender myself. Collins likes the physio room aswell even if its just for a cup of tea and a chat. Rossy just likes Kate

Who fancies themselves as the best looking on the team?
Duddy thinks he’s absolutely deadly looking. And of course Gary and Barry are worse than Jedward

If you could make up an award for any player on team, what would it be? and who would get it?
“Who got flattened in training the most award”…… If memory serves me right, Luke Kavanagh must be a contender here. Both Darren and Johny Mc flattened him in training

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